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Written by Fran Salyers on Oct. 1, 2016
Hi, Gail. Fellow blogger Susan Donaldson recommended your bicycle post to me after reading the post I published this morning -- also about bicycles. I usually refer my readers to other sites for additional perspectives. May I place a link to your post on my blog? If you want to see my blog before you respond, please go to Thanks for considering.
Written by Jo in Melbourne Aus on Feb. 26, 2014
Hi Gail, just re your question about which route we took to Yosemite, i would have had no idea, after all it was about twenty seven years ago, except for the fact that an old friend in SF gave us some very precise hand written directions about how to get there, and I was so impressed I saved them in my photo album of the trip. He specifically said 'don't take 132 through Modesto even if you see a sign for Yosemite Continue on 140 all the way to Yosemite Valley'. I could scan you the whole thing if you're interested :-) We stayed a night or two at Curry Village. Amazing, never thought I'd need to refer to those instructions again, but they sure came in handy in answering your question ! Sadly my friend who I had known in Australia from grade 3 school days passed away in SF from cancer a couple of years ago now.
Written by Peter Miebies on Jan. 15, 2014
I notice your surname sounds very Dutch. The name is well known here. It is a family of organ grinders. If you look for 'Perlee orgels' in Google images you'll see what I mean. Are you interested in genealogy? If so I like to add your blog to a specific post in my blog. Please see Please let me know your reaction via email. Thanks.
Written by Your Favorite Daughter :} on Dec. 27, 2013
Ah Mom...although I've heard every single one of the these stories told over and over I still love them...always! You are an amazing writer :-) Love you!
Written by Rose Thériault on Aug. 15, 2013
How does a person begin to follow your blog, I don't see a "Follow" button...
Written by ScotSue on Apr. 9, 2013
Some great photos of "castles" - I would love to see inside them!
Written by Susan on Mar. 30, 2013
Re Sepia Saturday 30th March - Some great coffee memories which linked so well with the photo prompt.
Written by Susan on Mar. 23, 2013
Re Sepia Saturday 23rd March. - A 3000 mile school trip - Wow - hard to comprehend in tiny Britain! Your recollections brought back memories of my own visits to Washington and Boston. Sorry but my e-mail address still seems to be rejected on your comments box.
Written by Susan on Mar. 4, 2013
Your Christmas boxes were so creative, but I can quite understand that you felt it was a one off, when all your work was ripped off in seconds as people rushed to open their presents.
Written by Susan on Feb. 24, 2013
You are so lucky to have such lovely photographs of your family, especially the one of your great great grandmother - when did she live? I had to smile at the honeymoon story of your parents with the request for an alarm clock!
Written by Susan on Feb. 24, 2013
Love your story on how you met Kit and especially this letter to you addressed to "La Nightingale" - so romantic and I can understand how it became your blog title.
Written by Suzanne on Feb. 22, 2013
This GREAT! It's wonderful that you have your very own blog that you can post great pictures to and tons of people are looking and seeing what it was all like!!
Written by Susan Donaldson on Feb. 10, 2013
You paint such a vivid picture of what life was like - both the beauty and the horrors (scorpions). You must have felt like a pioneer on a new wonderful (most of the time) adventure. I can see how Jo Jo's was a haven and a life saver amidst potential isolation. I look forward to reading more.
Written by Susan on Jan. 29, 2013
Congratulations on your new blog. There is so much I like - the clear blue look, the pun on your name NightinGale/Gail, your style of writing, especially the introduction and the stunning photographs. It certainly presents a different image to the stereotyped one we tend to have here of California.
Written by Barbara on Jan. 28, 2013
You are a natural story teller!

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07.11 | 19:18

The Sierras are beautiful. I look forward to driving up into the mountains every summer on the way to the lake! :)

07.11 | 19:14

There are additional passes both north and south of the ones I've mentioned. I was concentrating on those I've used to get to my favorite lake. :)

07.11 | 19:10

Interesting is how one climbs gradually from the west to cross the passes but from the east it's a steep continual climb due to the way the mtns were formed.

07.11 | 02:00

I fell like I've been on a tour bus! And without any motion sickness! Our eastern mountain roads are plenty twisty but no match for those heights!