Little Nell 10.09.2014 13:17

Can I suggest that you post a ‘direct’ link? Instead of ‘keying it in’, just open this week’s post and copy and paste from the browser.

Kristin 06.01.2014 20:19

It would be easier if we just had to click once to get to the specific blog post. If you post the url for each specific post, we could all save some clicks!

Dee 08.11.2013 15:30

If you could provide a direct link to your post, I'd love to look at it.


La Nightingail 08.11.2013 17:35

Not sure what the problem is? Just click on "Sepia Saturday". A list of dates pops up & you click on the Sepia post date you want to look at. Hope that helps.

Pat Ball Morrison 27.10.2013 02:52

I am lost and do not see your post....might be lost in the No Ca wilds ??

La Nightingail 27.10.2013 03:59

Underneath the Sepia Saturday heading are a whole line of dates. Click on Oct. 26 - #200 at the top of the list and you should find the post, I hope?

Kat Mortensen 25.10.2013 19:51

I'm lost again! Wait! I think I see it.

La Nightingail 25.10.2013 20:33

Sorry you got lost. I switched the dates of my posts so the newest one is at the top of the list rather than the bottom. And it'll stay that way from now on.

Karen S. 14.09.2013 17:39

I seem to have the same problem, in finding your posts, or getting the comment right. I do come here each week, and keep thinking I'll get it right!

Kristin 13.09.2013 02:53

You make it kind of complicated to get to the post for this week. Why not provide a direct link to it?

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07.11 | 19:18

The Sierras are beautiful. I look forward to driving up into the mountains every summer on the way to the lake! :)

07.11 | 19:14

There are additional passes both north and south of the ones I've mentioned. I was concentrating on those I've used to get to my favorite lake. :)

07.11 | 19:10

Interesting is how one climbs gradually from the west to cross the passes but from the east it's a steep continual climb due to the way the mtns were formed.

07.11 | 02:00

I fell like I've been on a tour bus! And without any motion sickness! Our eastern mountain roads are plenty twisty but no match for those heights!